söndag 29 april 2012

CRASHDÏET - Riot In Everyone/Out Of Line

Hello there! This is my first blog. I am going to talk about my record collection here.
This time i am going to talk about my favourite record in my collection.
It's called CrashDïet - Riot In Everyone/Out Of Line.
It's a vinyl single. It's very thick on black vinyl. It came out in 2004. It is pressed in 400 ex. if i'm not mistaken. I bought it for around 600 SEK. It is a lot of money but totally worth it.

Side A: Riot In Everyone
Side B: Out Of Line

The version of Riot In Everyone is easy to find on the internet and i'm not sure if this version of Riot In Everyone also is on the Riot In Everyone CD single but under the name "Riot In Everyone - Demo".
The version of Out Of Line is rather rare since i do not seem to find it on the internet even though i've really tried. It differs alot from the other demo that you can find. This version is much more dynamic and raw. Less guitar solos. The lyrics are slightly different from this one and the Rest In Sleaze(CrashDïet's debut album).

It is recorded in Platform Studio & Airplay Studio in october 2003.

CrashDïet was:
Dave Lepard: Lead Vocals,Guitar
Martin Sweet: Guitar,Backing Vocals
Peter London: Bass,Backing Vocals
Eric Young: Drums

It is really a spectacular record and if you see it... BUY IT!